OpenCV 2.4.3

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OpenCV 2.4.3

OpenCV, short for Open Computer Vision, is built to be a library that contains programming functions for real time computer vision.

The Open Computer Vision Library includes more than 500 algorithms, documentation and sample code.

What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

Android port:
· OpenCV Java bindings for Android platform are released in Beta 2 quality. A lot of work is done to make them more stable and easier to use. Currently Java API has about 700 different OpenCV functions and covers 8 OpenCV modules including full port of features2d. See OpenCV for Android release notes for detailed information about Android-specific changes made for this release.
· And follow the instructions from Android page for getting started with OpenCV for Android.

Other New Functionality and Features:
· Retina module has been contributed by Alexandre Benoit (in opencv_contrib module). See the new retina sample and
· Support for Ximea cameras ( in HighGUI has been contributed by Ximea developers.
· Several new Python samples have been added.
· FLANN in OpenCV has been upgraded to v1.6. Also, added Python bindings for FLANN.
· We now support the latest FFMPEG (0.8.x) that features multi-threaded decoding...

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