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People come across with so many websites like net banking, social streams, insurance websites all these need a login into enter the user accounts. :emembering all these username and passwords is a big task which made easiest with our software. Just remember one account for all accounts. Store all your account details in a highly safe mode. User can create profiles which allows the user to save various account credentials like username, passwords, bank card details in highly secure environment protected with AES256 encryption and further secured by several security layers. The account details are highly safe and can be retrieved within the software.

All the data can be taken as back up and restored regularly. The data is kept secure and permanent so that even if anyone accidentally uninstalls the software, still the data can retrieved on installing again.

The software has browser integration so that user can open the website and enter the credentials within the software.

Integrated browser allows user to browse the websites within in the software window and user can paste the login credentials in to website with a single click in a safe way. Both username and password are entered in to the login page without revealing the data keeping your confidentiality.The multiuser login system and Password recovery systems are available

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Publisher/Developer: by Jon Riggall @jonathanriggall

Release Date: Aug 29, 2015

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